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Are you a first-time investor looking to start your asset portfolio but hesitant due to hefty upfront deposits? Or are you a seasoned buyer seeking to diversify but deterred by tied-up capital funds?

In collaboration with an acclaimed UK developer, Anthill Realtors presents an unique investment product that removes the need for lump sum deposits by allowing you to spread it across 24 months. Own an income producing asset for life today!

The Monthly and Mortgage Plan

  • No lump sum deposit required
  • Initial 30% deposit spread across 24 months with zero interest payments
  • Remaining 70% mortgage covered by rental income from completion
Quarterly lump sum plan
  • No lump sum deposit required8 quarterly payments of 12.5% paid across 2 years
  • Client acquires the property at the 24th month
  • Gain discounted equity plus capital appreciation

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Even model tenants of good repute can transform your dream rental investment into a nightmare.  Should the unimaginable occur, what happens in the case of a tenant default for a good 2-3 months? Would you be happy to absorb this? Rental incomes also tend to sway according to market conditions, depending on volatility. What can you do to prevent these undesirable fluctuations?

At Anthill UK Concierge, leave your tenancy hassles to our property management arm and reap the optimal rentals from your UK investment portfolio.

 We deliver:

  • No void periods
  • A unique letting solution
  • 5-year rent guarantee
  • Maximise rental income
  • Online landlord property tracking
  • Expert letting and management team

Event:   Anthill UK Concierge Property Management
Venue: Anthill Realtors Pte Ltd.
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Date:     Friday 24th Feb 2017
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