Sharing the borders with China and Thailand, Vietnam is a beautiful country that has weathered through the tough ravages of war, emerging past the aftermath with a stronger economy and a diverse wealth of long-standing cultures. The entire landscape is dotted with magnificent grottoes that hold immense cavernous interiors. Unique sparkling stalactites of every shape imaginable grow from the cave ceilings to form a magical underground forest of icicle-shaped mineral structures. Emerging from the depths of the grottoes, travellers are treated to the misty mountainous landscapes of Lai Chau, a place full of exquisite flora and rugged jungles that has inspired many intrepid artists over the years. Closer to the shimmering waterfront, Ha Long Bay is a collection of stone islands that converges seamlessly to produce a masterpiece of nature.

The economy has strengthened significantly over the years, achieving consistent GDP growth rates of 6.8% in 2015 Q3, improving from the previous rate of 6.4% in Q2. The devaluation of Vietnamese Dong has also made the pathway for investors more enticing, with lowered property purchase prices to create the possibility of higher yields. Furthermore, with the removal of foreign purchase limitations, foreigners are now permitted to own unlimited properties to enjoy lucrative returns of up to 7% in the residential market. Coupled with the growing abundance of apartments with high selling percentages, the renewed interest from foreign and domestic investors makes for a healthy investment atmosphere.

Known locally as the land of eternal spring, Dàlat is a quaint and charming town deeply rooted with French influences. The average annual temperature ranges from 18 to 250C, providing a delightfully cool and pleasant climate all year round.

Dàlat is also internationally renowned for its impressive collections of flowers, from the unique Dàlat Rose to the peach blossoms, a sentimental flower that exudes the tenacity of Vietnamese people. The wild sunflowers which grow abundantly throughout the highlands herald the start of the dry seasons.

Within the city limits, the French-style architecture that runs throughout the town areas produces an image highly reminiscent of the French alpine regions. At a sizeable estimated population of 5000 indigenous people made up from 33 vibrant tribe communities, the occasional spotting of the locals clad in colourful traditional dresses while taking a stroll through the marketplace is an amazing sight to behold.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful nature experiences that Dàlat has to offer, and feel your stresses melting away within the vast expanses of lush greenery and tranquillity.